Why Are There Andirons In A Fireplace

andirons1Many parts go into a fireplace to ensure it works properly. There are also a lot of tools to keep your fire roaring and your family safe. But some fireplace accessories may not make sense if you didn’t grow up with one in your house. Some of these mysterious accessories are andirons. Andirons are an interesting piece in your fireplace because you don’t have to use them. Andirons have always been a feature in fireplaces because they add a sense of style and hold logs in place. This article will look at the function of andirons so you can decide if they are worth buying or if you can do without.

What are Andirons?

Andirons are commonly used as accent pieces for a fireplace. Most of the time they are used to make your fireplace look nicer. They are devices used to pull your room together. Thus, when you buy your fireplace toolkit, you should include andirons as they can tie your fireplace into the rest of the room.

But do andirons serve any other purpose? Or are they just there to be pretty?

Do Andirons Serve Any Function?

Andirons can hold logs. Functional andirons keep logs in place if you are burning them or just have them in the fireplace. But, they do not replace a gate. For the best results for your fire and your safety, you should use both andirons and a gate.

If you have your logs placed on andirons as you burn them, you will have a better fire. Andirons suspend the logs so you will have easier time lighting the kindling, which will get your fire roaring. Think of how bonfires are built: the logs are leaned against each other so when the kindling is lit, it can breathe. The andirons serve as the support for the logs of your fireplace.

Andirons are not a mandatory part of a fireplace, but they do serve a good purpose if the ones you buy are functional. They keep your logs in place, which will help the life of your fire, and if you are bad at starting fires they will make it easier to get one going. But, if you are also looking for a way to spruce up your fireplace andirons are a great way to tie the fireplace into the rest of the room. Andirons are a pretty addition to any fireplace and can tie your family space together.

How Many Screwdrivers Does A Home Handyman Need?

screwdrivers2Whenever there are renovations and repairs needed to be done at our home, we usually call a handyman. They are skilled when it comes to these things and so they would know the best way to fix anything or to make it good as new. They can work on both the interior and exterior of the home and are good with various tools; one is the screwdriver. Of course, everyone would know what this is and what it does. But there are different types of screwdrivers available. And so, how many would a handyman need?

Types of Screwdrivers

Now, a handyman will likely need all of the screwdrivers that are available now. All in all, there are 6 kinds and each one has a specialty. A handyman should be able to repair and restore almost anything as long as it’s within their skills, and usually, it will take various tools to do the trick. This would also mean different types of a screwdriver. So, here are the 6 kinds:

  • Slot head screwdriver – This is the type of screwdriver that has only one flat blade. This is also called as flathead or regular screwdriver as it can fit single slot traditional screws. It’s the most common type of screwdriver and the oldest one.
  • Phillips-head screwdriver – This one is the screwdriver with the four-star point at the end and it would fit with screws with the same cross-shaped. This enables the user to put in more torque yet the shape allows the screwdriver to slip out before too much torque is applied.
  • Robertson drives – These are also known as the square screwdrivers. It has a square-shaped head that will make it easier to stick the screw without much help from the user. These are perfect for one-handed jobs. The screws will also stay intact unless purposely removed.
  • Hex drives – The hex drives or the Allen Wrench has six sides. This is most suitable for screws that have six-sided depressions. These are best used for DIY projects and even for baby cribs as these can really be fastened tightly for safety.
  • Torx drives – These are also known as the star drives. Compared to Phillips, Robertson and Allen drives, this is a much more recent type of screwdriver. This has a 6-point star which is used for screws of the same shape to reduce damage to the tool head.
  • Clutch Drives – This is the last and least common drive of all. However, this is the most tamper-resistant one out of all.

Don’t Go Camping Without A Jackknife

jackknife3Everyone enjoys camping because it makes them experience a life away from the city. Instead of using your appliances, you have to do various task manually like what people do in the early times. This can be very exciting because you can have an idea on how people live before when technology is not yet presented. This can be beneficial if you are a type of person who always seek adventure and love to trouble because it can take your worries away on how you can survive if ever that you are trap in an island or in a place that you are not familiar with.

What You Need for the Camping

One of the reasons why children are required to participate in camping is for them to experience how to become independent. Despite the fact that we all have the technology we need nowadays, we still need to learn how to do things without relying on machines or appliances. So if ever that you are preparing the things that you will need for the camp, then you should not forget bringing a jackknife.

This is a foldable knife that is handy where the blade is secured thus preventing you to get wounded. This knife is essential because you can use it for the following purposes.

  • You can use it in slicing fruits such as apples, mangoes, or oranges.
  • Using a knife makes it easier for you to cut ropes and springs.
  • You can also use a knife if you wanted to open a box or any storage.
  • You can use it as a weapon if ever that someone attacks you like a wild animal.

It will not be that difficult for you to brink a jackknife because you can easily place it in your pocket and carry it during the camp. You will never know when you will need a cutting tool so you should always be prepared. However, it is important that you only use this knife for necessary purposes. Never use it to harm other people around you and threaten them.

A pocket knife is a common tool not all for campers but also to fishermen, travelers, and hunters. You can look for different kinds of pocket knives to know what suits your needs. As a matter of fact you can already have a multipurpose knife that can provide you with a set of tools.

C-Clamps In The Shop: You Can Never Have Too Many

c-clamp4Proper Way of Holding Your Materials in Your Shop

Are you planning on having your own wood or metal shop? Sometimes, even if you are not planning on having a business in metalwork or woodwork, having your very own shop could be a good idea. If you want to make woodwork or metalwork a hobby, then a shop may be a good idea. Also, even if you just had that shop as a hobby it can also help you once you need to repair or build something for your home.

Once you have your own shop and you are going to start making your first metalwork or woodwork, then it is important that you know how to properly hold the pieces you are working on. For example, if you are going to cut a piece of wood and you need to cut it straight, your hold should be stable so it would not move while you are cutting it. If you use your bare hand, it would not be possible to hold it without moving. Hence, you will need a tool to do the holding for you.

Tool to Hold Your Material

There are many tools that you can use in holding your material, each of them can hold different kinds of materials. Some can hold a large piece of wood, some can’t, some can hold a heavy metal and som can’t. Know the proper tool for each material so that you will not risk your tool and material to breaking.

Let us talk about one of these holding tool. This tool is the C-clamp. As its name suggests, it looks like a letter “C”. Some also call this a G-clamp because if you look at the clamp with the screw, it looks like a letter “G”. Anyway, this one can hold a workpiece for you, it can either be a metal or a wood. Hence, you would need this in your shop.

How many C-clamp will you need in your shop? Actually, you can never have too many of this because you may need to hold many materials all at the same time and sometimes you would need another while the other is holding something. Hence, you can never really have many of these clamps. So you should not hesitate to buy more than one of these useful clamps.

Keep Chisels And Screwdrivers Sharp With A Bench Grinder

Bench grinders are benchtop grinding machines equipped with spindles that is used to hand grind tools like chisels and screwdrivers. Depending on the type of its grinding wheel, a bench driver can also sharpen the blades of a land mower; restore a damaged wrecking bar, shapes metals prior to fitting or welding, and remove rust from an old weathervane.

How To Sharpen A Chisel Using A Grinder

Grinding and honing are the two processes that you should master when sharpening your tools. First you grind the tip of the tool to get rid of some metal. See to it that you adjust your tool into the grinder so it lies perfectly flat. When grinding the metal, avoid shifting the angle of your bevel for you to be able to control how thin you want the metal to become. Make sure that you are wearing protective gloves so you won’t get burned when metal starts to generate excessive heat from grinding. Get water ready where you can drop the metal from time to time to prevent the metal from overheating.

Once you are satisfied with the thinness of the tip of your chisel, you can now start honing to make it perfectly sharp and smooth. Use coarser stones to remove scratches or marks which are result of your grinding. To achieve a mirror finish or an infinitely smooth chisel edge, use finer grained stones. Make sure that you hone smoothly to save you time and to make your chisel sharper. Polish the edge of the chisel with a leather strop and you’re done.

How To Sharpen A Screwdriver Using A Grinder

Screws are very important tools in joining two materials together. However, if your screwdriver has a blunt tip, you won’t be able to properly fit screws which mean that the holding strength is already compromised. To keep some types of screwdrivers sharp, all you need is the help of a bench grinder.

First, you need to use eye protection to avoid metal bits from flying into your eyes. Then put the screwdriver facing the radius of the wheel and start sliding the tip back and forth once you find the speed of the wheel enough to your liking. Make sure to do it gently for both sides or you will end up with a lopsided tip. Bath the screwdriver on water from time to time.

Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your grinding, polish the tip of the screwdriver by honing. Do gentle strokes to remove some marks created by grinding. If you honed the tip on one side six times, make sure that you do the same number on the other side. Use fine grain stones as a final touch and to achieve the smoothness that you want.